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JS Co. is a locally owned, insured and licensed general engineering firm founded in 1998. Its mission is to become your preferred contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area, offering a gamut of services to complete any project. There is no “too small” or “too large” job for us.

Count on JS Co. to provide speedy and fair estimates whether you are a homeowner, a business representative, an insurance adjuster or a public official. Our team of friendly and talented professionals is ready to exceed your expectations starting with your initial contact until the completion of your project.

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Let JS Company become your preferred contractor

JS has delivered hundreds of projects to hundreds of clients for over two decades. We look forward to assisting you with your next project. Give us the chance to earn your business!

Why us?

Choosing a reliable contractor made easy!

Finding a contractor you can trust and who can handle your entire project can be a daunting task. JS is prepared and capable of handling it all. Additionally, all State, County and City requirements are met or exceeded, from the smallest jobs up to the most complex cases in which danger of contamination and/or invisible air emissions are involved. Our comprehensive list of licenses showcase our expertise.

A - General Engineering Contractor #979111

A general engineering contractor is a contractor whose principal contracting business is in connection with fixed works requiring specialized engineering knowledge and skill. See your Services section for more details.

C-21 - Building Moving/Demolition Contractor

A building moving/demolition contractor raises, lowers, cribs, underpins, demolishes and moves or removes structures, including their foundations. Hauling services are also included.

HAZ - Hazardous Substance Removal Certification

A contractor shall obtain a HAZ license to dig into the surface of the earth and remove the dug material, including any site listed as a hazardous waste site. That includes installation or removal of underground storage tanks.

C-22 - Asbestos Abatement Contractor

An asbestos abatement contractor performs containment, encapsulation, or removal and disposal of asbestos containing construction materials in and on buildings and structures.

ASB - Asbestos Certification

A contractor shall possess an asbestos certification before engaging in any asbestos-related work which involves 100 square feet or more of surface area of asbestos containing materials.


Contractors shall be registered with the DOSH to perform abatement of hazardous materials. In choosing a contractor, you may want to consider a contractor’s experience, proof of training and compliance history.

General Engineering firm


One of our knowledgeable team members will come to the job site to listen to your requirements and to assess all aspects of the project. You will then receive a competitive estimate; fast and free of charge.

Follow the rules and stay out of trouble!

Are you familiar with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) rules and compliance requirements? JS Co. can handle it all for you! Or visit the resources below to learn more about the rules, permits, forms and fees required for your project.

Are you looking for a service not listed below? Call us! We may be able to help



A full service demolition contractor. JS regularly performs full removals of homes and commercial buildings; selective interior and exterior demolition for public and private renovation projects; site demolition of concrete, asphalt and land clearing; and removal, salvation and recycling for “green building” projects.


Excellence at mass excavation, clearing, trenching, earthmoving, grading, land leveling, paving, surface work, drainage, erosion control and underground utilities. We own a wide range of excavation equipment and trucking, which allows JS to efficiently complete excavation projects at competitive prices.


Hauling becomes necessary in most projects. Instead of sub-contracting, JS Co. has the complete infrastructure to handle the transportation and disposal of any construction material. Whether it is hauling soil, broken concrete, rocks, asphalt, general demolition debris, tree/vegetation waste or hazardous materials.


We have the expertise to handle all Class I-IV abatement jobs. From high-level, critical work to asbestos-related work involving repairs, maintenance and custodial activities around asbestos containing materials. JS also deals with the hauling and proper disposal of all abated materials.


JS is one of the prime contractors ready to assist with wildfires cleanup, including the removal of hazardous waste. Contact us whether you just need debris removal or hazardous waste cleanup. JS will handle all the necessary permits and environmental clearances from your local government.


Our general engineering services include: irrigation, drainage, water power, water supply, flood control, inland waterways, harbors, docks and wharves, streets and roads, sewers and sewage disposal plants and systems, parks, playgrounds and other recreational works, and cement and concrete works.

List of References

Learn from some of our clients why you can trust JS


Demolitions, site utilities and paver projects. Contact Tom Guilfoyle at 415-924-2961.


Demolitions and concourse paver projects. Contact Stan Hoffman at 415-924-8588.


School demolition and abatement projects. Contact Kristen Gentry at 707-545-2134.

Yerba Buena Builders

Various commercial TI demolition projects. Contact Pat O'Hara at 415-861-4269.

Greenspan Co. Adjusters

Multiple fire cleanup and abatement projects. Contact Tim Larson at 925-658-2944.

Moroso Construction

Numerous residential demolition and abatement projects. Contact Justine Sears at 415-777-1121.

JM Stitt

Various commercial TI demolition projects. Contact Bill Hoffman at 951-271-3440.

Redhorse Construction

Numerous excavation, site work and building demolition projects. Contact Michael Houts at 415-492-2020.

Team Commercial

Commercial building demolition, site work and paving projects. Contact Travis Wyer 510-932-6500.

Cello & Maudru

Numerous building and commercial demolition projects. Contact Jon Boe at 707-257-0454.

Upscale Construction

Building demolition, excavation and sitework projects. Contact Danny Bernadini 415-806-9511.

Jacobsen Construction

Large religious temple demolition and site work. Contact Brett Barkdull at 801-983-5225.

WE Lyons

Cyclotron cooling tower demolition at Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Contact James Scott at 925-658-1600.

Plath Construction

Numerous demolition and excavation projects. Contact Steve Plath at 415-264-1514.

Builders of Marin

Numerous excavation and demolition projects. Contact David Mulligan at 415-640-3750.

WL Butler

Numerous commercial demolition projects. Contact Mike Curran at 209-234-4587.

Our Team


JS Co.’s team is its most valuable asset. Everyone has fully embraced the company’s mission to become your preferred contractor. We understand the importance of superb customer service, honesty, fairness and commitment to excellence. Our knowledgeable, talented and friendly team is ready to serve you.



We are confident we can become your contractor of choice, whether you are a homeowner looking to expand, renovate or repair your home; a business owner or manager seeking for a trustworthy and efficient contractor; an insurance adjuster looking for an effective general engineering firm or a public official seeking for a licensed and reliable bidder.